Mr Lowrie has some words of wisdom when deciding to have plastic surgery:

‘Having plastic surgery is a big step and worth thinking about carefully. It is natural to feel a bit anxious. You will want to know what can be achieved, what is involved and what the possible outcomes and risks are.’

As with all treatments at TAC, first you will need to be assessed. This is an opportunity to discuss what the goals for your appearance are. Mr Lowrie says ‘it is a good idea to think about specific things you would like to improve, for example bumps, wrinkles or drooping, rather than just having a broad dislike of yourself. Any previous treatments or injuries to the area are important, as is your past medical history. All of this information will help work out what is best for your appearance, concerns and health.’

As with any procedure there is not a one size fits all solution. There may be one or more operations or treatments that could help. Each will have pros and cons and these need to be considered honestly.  Any surgery will have a recovery period, leave some scars and have some risk of side effects or complications. Good care will help to minimise these but they cannot be eliminated. The risks will have to be acceptable to you. It is also important to get a realistic picture of what your result might be. Whilst a good improvement in specific areas of concern is reasonable, ‘perfection’ is very difficult to achieve. Before and after photographs can be very helpful. There may also be specific information leaflets and websites that can help. A second consultation is usually a good idea before proceeding as it’s common to think of questions later on.

Overall, there is a lot to take in. To make the best decision you need advice from someone appropriately trained, sympathetic, honest and skilled and most importantly who you feel comfortable and confident with. 

Some general advice is to look for a Consultant Surgeon with an interest in treating your area of concern. A Plastic Surgeon will have received training in all aspects of cosmetic work. Membership of professional bodies such as ‘BAAPS’, the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, indicates they have an interest in cosmetic surgery, have met rigorous standards and continually audit their work.

Think carefully and be safe and sure of your decision. You will then be fully prepared to undergo your chosen surgery with confidence.

Fully regulated by Health Improvement Scotland we offer a range of walk in and walk out treatments from blood tests to minor surgery at an affordable cost and at a time to suit you.

For more information on the services offered at the Clinic, or to book an appointment to see Mr Lowrie or any of our other specialists, call us on 0333 0143488 or contact us through our website.

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