The Scottish Government’s new proposals aimed at regulating the cosmetics intervention industry in Scotland do not go far enough to offer any real protection should something go wrong with treatments, it is claimed.


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Non-surgical treatments such as fillers, Botox and skin peels have seen huge growth. But it is still possible for unqualified people to administer these injectables despite possible damage and dangerous side effects.

While some of these are prescription drugs, non-regulated cosmetic practitioners can get block prescriptions from unscrupulous doctors who have never seen the patient and don’t know their medical history. The HIS proposal  ‘presents a greater risk to public safety than the current landscape’ says industry watchdog Safe Face.

The proposal requires stringent standards for medical professionals, who are already strictly regulated. However it does nothing to regulate non-medical practitioners despite complications and treatment errors caused by these providers being significantly more frequent.

Private medical practices such as YourGP are an ethical and medically based service with all the governance that is assured from the GMC. ‘The medical cosmetics market is not regulated,’ said Dr Myskow, Medical Director at YourGP, ‘and this enables anyone anywhere to practice as an expert in an area where they have insufficient knowledge and training, often with serious consequences for the patient.’

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