There are those of us who find treadmills a treat and think an early morning workout is the best part of the day. Then there are those of us – I like to think of us as the sane ones – who prefer a no sweat approach to fitness…

If you hate exercise, try the Flexxicore Challenger. It’s an automated Whole Body Vibration or Biomechanical Oscillation machine – so it shoogles about from side to side and vibrates while you do some exercises or dance around on it. Adopt loose clothing as you may look like a marshmallow being electrocuted during the faster bits! There are three pre-set exercise programmes or you can use your own settings. It shakes you fitter, faster, with minimal effort on your part. It’s easy to use and takes just 10-20 minutes. Available from


If you’d rather develop a six pack, then give the SIXPAD AbsFit a go. It’s a discrete Japanese EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) machine that’s made
of a very flexible silicone and uses gel pads to adhere to the body. As well as the Abs Fit, there’s a smaller version called the Body Fit, which can be used on arms, thighs or the abdomen. You could even wear it to the office, as long as you have a plausible explanation for beeping each time the machine reaches the end of its cycle! or
0800 138 0891 for details.

Admittedly the QardioBase won’t get you any fitter, but this set of high tech scales will analyse your body composition, track your hydration levels and let you know if you’re losing weight or just water. It does everything to help you get fit except nag! It’ll look good in any bathroom and if you’d rather not see the numbers, it can show you a smiley or frowning face depending on your progress.

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