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Whisky is very much an acquired taste. In many respects, it’s seen as a complicated drink, with each malt’s flavour profile influenced by the land, the barrel, the barley and the water.

Just as I can never really detect overtones of melon and pineapple in a bottle of wine, I had never taken the time to understand and unravel the complexities of Scotland’s national spirit and, deep down, I thought of whisky as a drink for middle aged men.

That opinion changed after spending a couple of hours in the company of the Carmelite’s whisky ambassador, Ros Wardley-Smith and an impressive selection of bottles from the Glen Garioch distillery at Oldmeldrum.

Ros was keen to break down the barriers to enjoying and understanding whisky. This may be part of the reason for the Carmelite’s ever expanding collection, which includes rare and discontinued malts and why a series of tasting events are planned. We’re taught to nose the glass and how to taste each malt properly and the way smells invoke memories.

While many of those attending the session clearly knew a fair bit about whisky, the session was easy to follow, informative, unintimidating and well-paced for beginners too. Ros is always about on Friday and Saturday as part of her ambassador role, spending time with people explaining and sharing her passion about the hotel’s whisky collection and tasting events. Ros explained, ‘I believe there is a whisky for everyone, it’s just a matter of finding it! Everyone should have a wonderful experience at our tasting events. There’s a great atmosphere and it’s a unique opportunity to try 3-5 different whiskies paired with food’.

Check out the Carmelite’s social media pages for upcoming tasting events, which include gin, wine, champagne, sparkling wines and whisky. Exclusive and company tastings can be booked either direct 01224 589101, or email

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