With Kenny Craigen of Finnies The Jeweller…

An engagement ring represents a lifetime of commitment and at Finnies all of our engagement rings come with a complimentary clean and check service for life.


The care and cleaning of your engagement ring is important; engagement rings are sentimental items and a big investment, as well as being stunning pieces of jewellery.

With more than 50 years of service under his belt, Kenny is one of Finnies’ longest standing members of staff. Employed as their senior jeweller for many years, he still works four days a week despite officially having retired.

Responsible for cleaning, checking and taking care of the general maintenance of customers’ rings, he has expert knowledge on the upkeep of rings and ensures these prized possessions stay looking their best.

Finnies recommends customers get their rings checked at least once a year. Even if they aren’t worn on
a regular basis, it is important to look over claws and settings to ensure they are secure and the stone is sparkling. Even the most secure diamond settings may loosen over time, especially if extensively worn.

For more information visit www.finniesjewellers.co.uk

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