In Spring, a young man’s fancy may turn to thoughts of love, but the chill winds of October and November mean most Aberdonians are mainly thinking about keeping warm. Now’s the time to update your wardrobe with the best of this season’s knitwear designs.

Start with the yarn. Cashmere is cosy, elegant and expensive. It’s mainly found in light gauge formal jumpers which are suitable for the office. It’s a nuisance to launder, needing to be hand-washed or taken for dry-cleaning. Of course, there’s nothing to stop you just throwing it in the washing machine if you have small children or dogs that it might fit afterwards. Cheap cashmere imports from China have flooded the market in recent years, but the best cashmere is made in Scotland.


Lambswool gives a chunkier knit that’s great for casual weekend wear while merino is warm and versatile. It’s often used for technical base layers. Angora may be eminently touchable, but unless you happen to be a 1950s starlet, it should be left to the rabbits it came from. Cotton and silk are commonly used in combination with wool. While cotton can add an outdoorsy feel, silk is a little louche. Synthetic fibres are significantly cheaper and simple to launder, but tend not to last long, lose shape quickly and can generate static.

When it comes to colour, blues, greys, black and neutrals all work for the office, while tobacco shades, cobalt and even pink will liven up a weekend palette. Shawl collars are big news for autumn styles, with cardigans making a bit of a comeback and shedding their grandpa overtones.  V-necks in dark tones can be slimming, while the polo should only be attempted by those with a chiselled jawline and a penchant for looking like 1970s TV detectives.


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