Limitless training provided by David Lloyd fitness experts…

As part of the refurbishment in April a Synrgy 360 was added to the extensive gym enabling members to participate in small group training fast classes lead by the expert team of trainers. Synrgy is a groundbreaking group training system designed to create memorable experiences for all exercisers.  The layout allows trainers to create nearly limitless opportunities to train smarter, better and more effectively.  A variety of stations accommodate all exercisers and allow for Synrgy to be used for group workouts or individually.


The bespoke fast classes take up to 16 members through a high intensity interval 30 minute session.  The functional training tools allow you to mimic everyday movements which will not only burn lots of calories but is guaranteed to get you fitter, stronger and leaner.  The classes are quick, high energy and interactive for all fitness levels.  New classes are added every month to keep the workouts varied and fun.  The club currently run 35 classes per week including Beach Fit, HITT, adventure workout and Road to Rio. For members as young as 11 the fitness team deliver classes where they can enjoy working out with fellow members of a similar age.   

For more information and to book please
call David Lloyds on 01224 811040.

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