If you fancy a family games night, there are a host of TV quiz shows available for download to your mobile or tablet.

Play tends to be a bit stilted as each person takes their turn and the questions tend to be aimed at adults. For more fun, opt for the board game…


Pointless Players compete to find the most obscure correct answers. Pointless takes a bit of setting up, especially the optional electronic scoreboard app, but it’s good for smart-alec teenagers and competitive adults. There are lots of question cards, so you can play several times. We found some of the answers were unfortunately incomplete or occasionally wrong, which tended to interrupt the flow of the game as disputes were settled by Google.

8 Out Of 10 Cats Based on the Jimmy Carr panel show about surveys and statistics, this is simple to pick up and best when you have four or more players. It’s good-natured, the questions are interesting and the whole family will enjoy it. Gameplay can be long, so it might be best to agree a time limit before starting.

Would I Lie to You? Great with a crowd, this fast paced battle of lies and truths is tremendous fun. Unlike the TV series, you don’t need to provide your own true stories – saving embarrassment – but you do need quick wits and imagination to win. Again, it’s for ages 12 and over, but a bright ten year old could hold their own against fibbing adults – especially when they are crying with laughter!

One final advantage of a board game over an app: in the event that it looks like you’re going to lose,
you can ‘accidentally’ upset the board. It’s childishly satisfying and a lot cheaper than replacing a
broken iPad!

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