Family values are part and parcel of life at Finnies the Jeweller and this time-honoured tradition is reflected in the firm’s strong relationships with leading luxury brands such as Chopard.

Chopard and Finnies are both fully independent family firms which have worked together for decades, forging a firm working friendship.


Just as jewellery is often passed down through generations, both companies share an ethos rooted in the family spirit.

Karl Scheufele and his wife Karin orchestrated the expansion of Chopard for more than 40 years, while Ron and Peggy Finnie worked to establish Finnies the Jeweller into the beloved company it is today.

And just as Karin and Karl’s two children are Chopard’s current co-presidents, Finnies is also currently run by the second and third generation, Matthew Finnie and Sarah Dawson and Dominique and Declan Dawson.

Finnies have stocked the brand, which is particularly known for its Happy Diamonds range, for 20 years – so why not step in and find the perfect Chopard gift for Valentine’s Day?

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