The answer is they don’t have to. The Aberdeen Clinic provides the most up-to-date non-invasive treatments, with no waiting list at very affordable prices. As one of our patients says,

‘I am overjoyed with the results. All the unsightly veins have gone and I no longer feel self-conscious wearing shorts. The treatment is pain-free, and the staff, from the receptionists to the consultants, are very knowledgeable and friendly and you are able to choose appointment times to suit yourself rather than being told when to attend…  I would recommend the Aberdeen Clinic to anyone who has vein problems.’

Particularly as Summer is coming it’s not uncommon for the third of us who have varicose veins or thread veins to feel self-conscious about wearing shorts or swimming costumes. In others there can be a constant tiredness or discomfort in the legs after standing for any length of time. 

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Just a few years ago your options for varicose vein treatment were surgery and or support stockings but now most patients are treated on a walk-in walk-out basis.

Mr. Tam Siddiqui, one of the four consultant vascular surgeons at the Aberdeen Clinic says, ‘Varicose veins are amongst the most common reasons patients come to see me as a vascular surgeon but it is seldom that I need to use an operation to treat them. Instead, we are able to treat varicose veins with minimally invasive techniques such as radiofrequency ablation and ultrasound guided injection of foam. These techniques have revolutionised the recovery from varicose vein treatment.’

It’s important to ensure that each patient gets the right treatment for their varicose veins and the multi-disciplinary team at our specialist vein clinic are expert at helping patients select the optimal treatment for them. As
a result varicose vein problems can be a thing of the past after
a simple out-patient procedure.

For more information or to book an appointment call: 0333 0143 488 or email
387A North Deeside Rd, Cults AB15 9SX

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