If you’ve ever envied the supple strength of a ballerina, but can’t carry off a tutu, then Denise Gracie’s BarreConcept Classes offer an ideal way to build core strength, improve flexibility and posture while enjoying yourself.

Denise retrained as a pilates instructor after having her second child, when she discovered how pilates transformed her lower back pain. Three years later, she now offers popular mixed ability pilates and BarreConcept classes in Newmachar, Potterton and Balmedie. Two pilates classes are specially designed for the over 60s.

Denise also offers BarreConcept classes at a beginner level. BarreConcept is a hot new low impact total body workout. It is set to high energy dance music and combines the precision of pilates, the alignment of yoga, the technique of ballet and the strength from sports conditioning – making it a dynamic full body workout. It produces dramatic results that help to sculpt and redefine the entire body, all achievable to students without even being a dancer or having a dance background.  In addition, BarreConcept helps to realign and rebalance the body, ensuring it works harmoniously and efficiently.

Denise explains, ‘I try to make every session enjoyable. I aim not only to help each student achieve their goals and obtain the benefits they desire, but to do so in a fun and enjoyable way. It’s important to me for my students to buy into me and not only feel assured that I will keep them safe in every class but also allow them to reach their full potential and not hold them back in any way’. Denise’s classes are available in block bookings, with blocks based around school terms.

Tel: 07977 218297

For more information on BarreConcept, please visit: barreconcept.co.uk

Image: © Nikita TV, Shutterstock

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