With its cosy gondola rides and midnight strolls along moonlit canals, the city of  Venice offers newlyweds the quintessential honeymoon experience.


Venice is a town firmly established as the place for all things related to that little thing called Love. With its winding walkways, gothic architecture, and quaint little bridges nestled over gently lapping canals, the city offers an intimate ambience and stunning backdrop to any amorous liaison.

As soon as you hit the tarmac at Marco Polo airport, you’re whisked away by boat across the Venetian lagoon towards the most serene city. Venice offers many beautiful places in which to take in this incredible island, but for a truly spectacular honeymoon experience, splash out on a hotel with a view of the Grand Canal. In the mornings, take an espresso and watch the city’s waters come to life. In the evenings, enjoy the quiet murmurings of the town with a glass of wine and your loved one by your side.

Whether you’re a culture buff or a beach babe, Venice offers something for all tastes. The city boasts an abundance of museums and churches, from the Peggy Guggenheim gallery to the Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute, showcasing the visual delights of Dali, Titian, and hundreds of other renowned artists.

For the epitome of all Venetian activities, take to the waters for a gondola ride. If you’re feeling particularly active, you can take a lesson to learn how to row your very own gondola, or arrange for a cruise through the lagoon in a kayak. If all that sounds like too much work, venture to the Lido beach. Situated just a hop, skip, and a water-bus journey away, you’ll be treated to seven kilometres worth of sandy beaches.

Its aquatic location means that Venice is a fish-foodie’s delight. Head to restaurants off the main tourist strip to find the best fish and the best deals.  If you want to keep it light, try some cicchetti, the city’s version of tapas. Wash it all down with another tasty Venetian creation, the Aperol Spritz, a concoction of prosecco, soda and liqueur.

Venice offers ample opportunities for honeymooners to gaze lovingly into each other’s eyes, and nowhere can you do this better than over a bottle of fizz at Venice’s oldest and most famous cafe, the Florian. Bathe in the allure of St. Mark’s Square, enjoy the cafe’s live orchestra, and raise a glass to being on honeymoon in the breathtaking City of Love.

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