There’s something magical about alfresco dining. Preparation is essential for a great BBQ. Use top quality produce and make up a selection of marinades. Try a mix of ketchup, chilli, and coriander for lamb, beef and pork. For chicken, natural yoghurt, mixed with garlic, lemon and your favourite curry spices is finger-licking good.

Use a digital thermometer to make sure your poultry and meat dishes are properly cooked through. That way guests will remember the day for all the right reasons!

Charred halloumi, corn on the cob and roasted vegetable kebabs are always crowd pleasers. Bake sweet potatoes in the oven or campfire, rub them with oil then pop onto the barbecue for five minutes to crisp up. Serve with sea salt served and crème fraiche – just fantastic. Add in a well-dressed salad or two, something sweet and plenty of chilled drinks and you’ve got it nailed!

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