Craig Wilson, kilted chef, shares some tips for a great barbecue

Sunny weather, good friends, great music and great food are all you need for a barbecue that’s remembered for all the right reasons.

Go beyond the usual burgers and sausages and buy the best meat you can afford. Try marinated wings, ribs, peppered steaks and have plenty of veggie options, cooked in a separate bit of the grill. Raid the kitchen for mustards, pickles and salad dressings that can turn even the plainest of meat products into something special.

Try a pot of a rustic spicy bean stew or make parcels of garlic and sweet potato, or marinade meat overnight in beer. Using different smoke chips can also take your BBQ to the next level.

Don’t forget halloumi, Quorn or veggie burgers or try BBQ nuts and charred cauliflower steaks. Allow three platefuls per person and use sturdy recyclable plates. BBQ sorted!

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