Albyn Hospital sets the pattern for outstanding healthcare in the city.

As a BMI hospital, Albyn Hospital is part of the UK’s largest private medical group, affording access to highly qualified specialist consultants, doctors, technical staff and nurses in 30 different specialities. The hospital offers modern facilities, the latest equipment and treatments and appointments at times that fit round busy lifestyles.

The hospital also offers full diagnostic scanning facilities including MRI, Ultrasound, CT and X-ray as well as comprehensive recovery services including physiotherapy. It’s a co-ordinated care approach which provides the highest standards of patient-centred diagnosis, treatment and aftercare. You’re treated as a person, not a collection of symptoms.


Albyn Hospital has an outstanding reputation for cosmetic and plastic surgery. Consultant plastic surgeon Amir Tadros, who practices at both the Albyn and in London’s Harley Street, is a member of BAPRAS and BAAPS; the aesthetic and plastic surgery organizations responsible for quality of care.

Mr Tadros explained, ‘My interest is complex microsurgical reconstruction of areas affected by trauma or cancer in adults and children. I am also a cosmetic surgeon, enhancing the aesthetic appearance to give a natural rejuvenated look.

‘In cosmetic cases, even the smallest procedure can have a massive impact on appearance and self-confidence.  At my Albyn clinic, we offer a range of treatments such as fillers to replace some of the lost facial and lip volume, Botox injections, chemical peels and laser treatments to smooth out the fine lines. Cosmetic and reconstructive surgery to the face, breasts and abdomen is also offered to counter the effects of ageing, childbirth or weight changes.

‘Many women find that the abdominal skin can stretch and the breasts can drop after pregnancy. On occasions, the abdominal muscles can also tear and separate, impacting on function and health.

‘The main aim of post-pregnancy surgery is to improve the cosmetic appearance of the breasts by restoring volume or lifting them to their ideal position using the latest breast augmentation techniques. Breast augmentation, or indeed reduction, can now be achieved with minimal scarring. In the abdomen, we remove the excess tissue but more crucially, we move the muscles into a better position to prevent further damage and possible hernia formation.

‘Cosmetic procedures should not be taken lightly. They should only be carried out in reputable establishments, able to provide safe quality care with 24 hour facilities to deal with any complication’.

For private medical care, or cosmetic procedures, the Albyn Hospital should be your first choice.

To contact Mr Tadros, call his secretary on 07525 331044, e-mail or  visit

Albyn Hospital, 21-24 Albyn Place, AB10 1RW  Tel: 01224 595993

Image: Newsline Media

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