Getting married isn’t something you do every day and with so many things to organise, it can be easy for the little but essential things to fall through the cracks in between organising the exciting things like the dress!

Make Like Postman Pat
Size doesn’t always matter but in the case of wedding invites it certainly does! Make sure you’ve got the right amount of postage for the size of your invitations or they could end up at the Post Office rather than your guests’ door step.

Passport Control
If you’re planning on taking your husband’s name and want to use your honeymoon as your first joint-name venture, remember and apply for your new passport well in advance to ensure it arrives back in time.

Rainy Day Contingency
The British weather likes to keep us guessing and if you’re planning on having your wedding – or your photos – outside, it would be wise to have a plan for if the rain puts in an appearance.

Delivery Duties
Flowers being delivered when your hair is getting done?  Need to get your clothes from your bridal room to your honeymoon suite whilst you’re enjoying the first throes of wedded bliss? Delegate collection and delivery jobs to your nearest and dearest.

A Little Bag of Tricks
It’s amazing the little essential items you and your bridesmaids will need on the big day – pack an emergency kit that includes safety pins, tweezers, talcum powder, hair pins, nail files, plasters (for those new wedding shoes!), and some Bach Remedy Rescue to calm those nerves!

Licence to Wed
If all else fails and you forget all the above, just make sure you don’t forget your marriage licence so your nuptials can go ahead!

Don’t sweat it
The day’s arrived and you’re having last minute detail anxiety. Try and relax – you’ve done all you can and all that matters now is that marrying the love of your life!

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