One of the questions we are often asked is ‘What can I do to help to achieve a quick sale and a good price?’ Our experienced Property Consultants will be happy to give you advice on this when they come along to see your property, but meantime here are some tips:-

This is very important as a bad fi rst impression may discourage people from arranging to view your home. Many people will go along for a ‘drive-by’ before arranging a viewing and you want to encourage them to come inside. Tidy your garden and have any garden and paths clear of leaves, weeds and any children’s toys or other garden equipment – this includes mowing the lawn and tidying around the edges.
Freshen up any outside paintwork that may be looking weathered and see that the windows, curtains and blinds are looking neat and tidy.

NSIDE Time for a Spring clean and a de-clutter! Wherever possible de-clutter your home and if necessary remove extra items of furniture temporarily, perhaps to the garage of friends or family. Remember that our professional photographer will be coming to take photographs of your home and you want your home to look as spacious as possible. Pack away personal items such as family photographs, holiday souvenirs and keep your worktops as clear as possible. Again if you can freshen up any paintwork and decoration this is ideal but at least make sure everywhere looks and smells clean and fresh (no cat litter trays or pet bowls).

DRESSING’ YOUR HOME Some fresh fl owers strategically placed, beds attractively made with matching bed linen and in bathrooms ensure that clean towels are nicely arranged with minimal toiletries on display. Walk around your home as if you were a viewer (or ask a friend to do so) and check for anything you may have missed.
Now – you are ready and if you haven’t already done so, give us a call!


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