Magic is one of the world’s oldest performance arts, but Fifth Dimension – a team of magicians and presenters – has been using it to help teams raise their performance in the workplace.

Jeff Burns, who set up the company with Ivor Smith (and Bill Duncan –now retired) back in 1999, says, ‘Magic is all about making the impossible possible. As magicians, we start off by thinking – what is impossible to do…and how can we make that happen? ’

‘That gives us a clear goal to work towards and we start on a creative process to achieve that outcome, working collaboratively both within Fifth Dimension and with trusted consultants’.

Ivor Smith added, ‘In business, we are all faced with challenges that might seem impossible. So how do we overcome them? It’s not enough to simply employ some positive thinking. We can do better than that; we can be better than that.

‘High-performing teams all have key attributes: being clear about what they want to achieve, encouraging innovation, realising that leadership is a behaviour not a position, having open internal and external communication, and celebrating success.’

Jeff continued, ‘They also dream big. I’m sure Elon Musk’s latest incredible PR stunt of sending a Tesla car into space was exactly that type of dream.

‘I can imagine the brain storming session: “Let’s send a car into space!” “That’s impossible!”. “I know… but if it was possible, how could we do it?”

‘These global innovators are using the same strategies from the same toolbox we use as magicians to achieve their goals.’

In workshops with companies held around the world, Fifth Dimension’s presenters use their skills and magical expertise to inspire people to think differently, raise performance, and develop their own possible impossibilities.

A recent client commented that Fifth Dimension, “used their impressive communication and magic skills to effectively engage the teams, and help us deliver record-breaking performance in efficiency and safety’.

Like Tesla… watch this space!

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