The Norwegians have been credited with the invention of some very popular things, from cheese slicers to paper clips, but none quite as frivolous and entertaining as their latest acclaim – Bubble Football. If you have not had the pleasure of introducing yourself to this athletic novelty, it involves taking a very old sport and playing it in a very new way.

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Unlike traditional football, when you go for a kick-about with Aberdeen Bubble Football, you only need a lot of energy and a desire to win – skills are optional.

After all, there is no better equaliser than putting every player inside a large inflatable bubble.  Before the game starts, each team member suits up inside a clear sphere that leaves only their legs and feet exposed. The whistle blows, and the football pitch transforms into a game of human bumper cars. Suddenly, every attempt to get your foot on the ball results in an unexpected collision and soon the only thing rolling across the pitch is you.

I took a group along to Aberdeen Bubble Football and found that spectating was every bit as fun as participating, and certainly less exhausting. You cannot help but laugh when you see legged spheres smash into each other unexpectedly before careering harmlessly into the path of more spheres and finally coming to a stop like upturned turtles or completely topsy-turvy. Scoring goals is incidental, the only thing that you control is how quickly you can stand up before being knocked down again.

If you are looking for something new for an event or a celebration, I cannot think of anyone who would not enjoy a game of Bubble Football. It may not be quite as graceful as the original beautiful game, but it is certainly a lot more amusing.

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