After the success of their debut album Come out to Play in 2012 Aberdeen band Estrella vowed to release a new album each year.

But such was demand for their high-energy gigs they soon found themselves booked up with tour dates – notably with Robin Beck and House of Lords, trouping across Europe. But now, after blocking out their diaries with studio time they are about to release that long- awaited second album.

The band comprises trio of brothers Paul, Luke and Nathan Gunn with “adopted” brother Leo McPherson finishing the line-up. Their unusual name – which means Star in Spanish – was set upon after a late night drinking session watching the film Rock Star in Spanish. And since the release of their first album the band’s
star has been burning bright. Building up a strong following both at home and abroad has seen them rack up some serious mileage in the tour bus, making studio time hard to factor in.

‘Early last year we went back into the studio but we had a seven week tour all over Europe – 29 dates in 15 countries – it was a great experience spending that much time on the road,’ said Luke, ‘but we did get back in the studio and got it finished off.’

The new album has been overseen by producer Nick Brine who has previously worked with The Darkness,
Bruce Springsteen and Oasis. After putting the finishing touches to the album they are now itching to hit the road once again. “Because we were in the studio so much last year we didn’t do as much gigging as we should have,” said Liam. They are already banking on 2015 being a busy year, with tour dates announced across the UK and into Europe as well as appearing at WILDFIRE at the end of June.

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