Lights, camera, action… Trend catches up with videographer Darren Campbell.

Darren Campbell of Eternal Video may be best known for his wedding and corporate work, but he’s also developing projects to take to the big screen. ‘I’ve had a really keen interest in film, music and art for as long as I can remember,’ Darren explained. ‘As a teenager, I pestered my folks for a cheap camcorder for Christmas. My friends and I creating lots of short films which was great fun and led to me getting my film diploma, while I worked part time to fund my start-up kit.’

Darren continued, ‘I really enjoy creating corporate videos as it’s effectively a collaboration. Each time you work with a new client, you find about their passion and their goals and you are the key to helping them get to their next step.’

‘Wedding shots can be pretty intense, it’s taken me a few years not to get nervous, because you have just of seconds to capture memories and the feeling of the day. If it’s captured and put together well, it will bring back the feeling of the day over and over again. Some brides I’ve worked with say they never noticed me on the day and that’s great because I observe and capture from a distance. I use the best possible compact camera so I blend in with the guests and no one is self-conscious. When I’m working, I’m right in the zone and absolutely love it.’

‘Editing is most time consuming stage, but also the most creative, since it brings the project to life.  It can take around a week, but it’s great to be able to watch the final cut and say, ‘Yeah I’m proud of that and the client will be too.’

‘Whether it’s a wedding or corporate shoot, I really put everything in to it. I turn up early and leave late to make sure that I can make something extra special. I always meet a client a few times before I shoot, it means I can find out who they are and what they need but also how I can go the extra mile for them and always have something to surprise them with.’

‘I’m always looking for ways to make things easier for the viewer. I’ve pioneered a tool that allows wedding guests to log on to our site and download the video to their phones and tablets so they can watch it on the go. I even put a trailer of the wedding video up with in 48 hours so all the guests see it while there is still a buzz around the event.’

‘I’ve always been a huge film buff, unfortunately it’s hard to get a chance to enjoy films these days, with work. As well as growing my business, I’d like to be able to finance one of my film ideas in the future. While, I’d love to direct and work alongside some really talented actors and make something with meaning, I’d always want to work on corporate and wedding videos too because I love the work so much.’

‘I really appreciate every genre of cinema, I think everything that comes out is amazing, because it’s always someone’s greatest vision with hundreds of people behind the scenes. It’s always a shame when a film gets bad reviews because I honestly think it’s just a case of the viewer not getting the directors vision, but that’s just life.’

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