We sent Trend’s lead designer Ryan Swinney off to Avonbridge near Falkirk to experience the thrill of Autograss…


I’m never one to pass up the chance to pretend to be a combination of the Stig and Dick Dastardly
from Wacky Races.

Autograss is a fun and fast-growing motorsport, where competitors race round a quarter mile oval track. It’s genuinely exciting and compared to most competitive motorsports it’s easy to get started and relatively inexpensive.

The track is laid out on grass and there are a dozen different adult classes and a few for juniors over the course of the day. Everyone has a great time and the fast pace makes it an enjoyable spectator sport too.

As a complete beginner, I drove one of Scottish Autograss’s hire cars, complete with GoPro camera. These can be booked, giving newcomers the opportunity to try the sport. You don’t get that with F1.

My race car, complete with window grids, roll cage and a battery of safety checks, was a ferocious, high powered, one litre Nissan Micra! Vroom! A few practice laps got me comfortable handling all that power and provided a bit of reassurance before competing against my fellow drivers, many of whom had years of experience.

Lining up with the cars on either side of you, the excitement really kicks in and you can’t help but join in the fun by giving the car a few revs to make the other drivers shake in their seats. The race began with the wind and dirt flying through the roll cage as several cars mysteriously managed to get ahead of me. Adrenaline surges as the cars jockey for position- a few laps is never enough! The thrill intensified as I over took another driver, leaving him inhaling the cloud of dirt I left in my wake. Second last felt like a victory to me!

Watch Ryan’s race at www.tinyurl.com/ppoqjd5 For more information contact Scott on 07971 028981
or visit www.scottishautograss.co.uk

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