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There’s nothing quite like a warm summer evening sitting in the garden with a few friends, chatting away over a drink or two. What could be better than your own bar in the garden, complete with a selection of craft beers and locally produced spirits? 

Most local shed building companies are experiencing shortages of timber and a backlog of orders, so you may need to try a few places or buy one online if you are in a hurry. Cordiners offer garden pods, shed and summer houses. If you want something more spacious, try DabDen for a bespoke garden room, or have Papillon Landscaping design your dream space. Maybe create a multi-purpose space that can serve as a home office then convert to a games room and bar?

You’ll need somewhere to keep your beers cold, so think about an ice chest or cooler if you don’t want to keep traipsing into the kitchen all night. You can also install a fridge in your bar shed. 

There are around 25 active breweries in the North-east, so considerable research may be required when it comes to deciding what to stock in your garden bar. Then there are at least 20 local artisan gin makers and Speyside offers some of the world’s best whiskies, so be prepared to invest considerable effort in this phase of creating your perfect garden bar. Outdoor heating is a must, especially if you want to use your space all year round. Patio heaters are one option, but a fire pit provides a great focal point as well as cooking possibilities. Rustle up some baked potatoes or a few sausages on your fire, or opt for a BBQ if you fancy a wider range of culinary delights. A pizza oven is another option, but ordering for delivery or buying in some treats you’re your local deli may be easier. 

Look for comfortable seating that encourages relaxation. You’re looking for something you can slouch in and unwind for a few hours, rather than something stylish but uncomfortable. Lots of cushions and cosy throws mean you can use the space when nights become a little chillier. Gazebos or a bell tent offer shelter and can be packed away for the winter. 

There are plenty of lighting options, but some of the prettiest are outdoor lanterns or strings of lights that can be hung from trees. Solar powered lights are a good choice unless you plan to use the space on winter evenings, if which case, battery powered choices may be more reliable. 

The only other things you’ll need are some glasses and a bottle opener. Cheers!

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