Prosecco: the word itself conjures up images of sipping the well-known Italian white wine in the sun.

A versatile and luxurious aperitif, prosecco has become the go-to decadent drink for wine lovers. So much so, that reports were rife last year of a potential prosecco shortage, with demand far outstripping supply. Best then, to get to know this popular drink before it’s too late, and where better to get to know the many tastes of prosecco than in the beating heart of the prosecco motherland – the Veneto region.

Prosecco wineries are in abundance here, with row upon row of vineyards with their green and luscious grapes. Here in the Veneto, they pride themselves on producing DOCG prosecco, a symbol of the highest quality prosecco, produced and taste tested under the strictest of regulations and grape restrictions.  DOC prosecco is perhaps its more famous sister, produced ubiquitously throughout Italy, but still with its sparkling allure.

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At a winery in Valdobbiadene, guests are invited to taste for themselves the difference, putting their newfound knowledge to the test with samplings of the area’s finest grown prosecco. From DOCG to DOC, guests go on to explore the subtleties between extra dry prosecco, the less bubbly frizzante, and the bubble-fest that is spumante. And that’s before tasting the difference between white and pink prosecco. It is indeed a hard life.

Finish off the day with your very own prosecco tasting under the moonlight of Venice’s Grand Canal, sampling the city’s own take on the famous vino: the Bellini, with its fruity peach and prosecco combo; and the Spritz, the perfect after work aperitif with prosecco, soda and Aperol.  Sit back, relax, and test yourself on what you’ve learned that day.  All in the name of education, of course. As they say in Italian, Salute! Cheers to good health!

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