How would you like to try Scotland’s newest premium lager for free?  TORR is handmade in Aberdeenshire and comes from the team behind the wonderful Insch-based Beer Story. TORR is made to reflect the purity of the Scottish mountains using just four ingredients, by the Bavarian brewing method which allows the lager to ferment at a cave temperature and brew for at least four weeks.

TORR is mildly aromatic and refreshing, with a crisp, dry taste, medium carbonation and a light straw colour. TORR is available on draught and in 330ml bottles in selected bars, restaurants and pubs in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire.

Our three winners will each win a case of TORR lager and a pair of TORR glasses. Cheers!

Answer this question:

Which Aberdeenshire town is the home of Torr Lager?