Okay, we can’t promise to wave our magic wands and simply turn you into the next supermodel, but we can offer you a package of books from DK publishers that could leave you fitter, healthier and more beautiful if you put your new knowledge into action.

Nina Barough’s Walking for Fitness proves that walking is one of the simplest, easiest and most effective ways to get fit, lose weight and tone up. You can build up your strength and stamina with Nina’s 12-week walking programmes. You’ll also find guidance on your warm-up, cool down, stretches, and how to reach your 10,000 steps a day.

The experts at Neal’s Yard Remedies will be your guide to choosing the best natural foods to boost your outer beauty. You can target your face, body, hair, and teeth with over 100 recipes specially created to help you look and feel beautiful. With an energising food plan to get you started and deliciously healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and drinks, Eat Beautiful is the ultimate guide to revolutionising your beauty regime.

Our third book will also help you move towards a truly healthy way of eating. So much of our food is processed or just hurried these days that we’ve forgotten the pleasures of natural food and seasonal ingredients. Super Clean Super Foods by Iona Hunter and Caroline Bretherton offers an introduction to over 90 delicious superfoods from acai to turmeric, and the nutritional benefits of each. You can learn how to prepare unfamiliar ingredients and try new recipes.

For further information on these books and the entire catalogue from DK, visit DK.com

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